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04 Jul What is an E Cigarette Mod Battery?
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The mod battery is the power source used to operate the mod body and send power to the atomizer. While some modes are produced as batteries embedded in the device, others are batteries that can be removed from the device and recharged using a separate adapter or the USB port on the battery.

04 Jul Which Mod Batteries Should You Choose?
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When choosing a battery for the mod, you should consider your intended use. While some users are interested in devices with vaporizers, others may only be interested in devices that allow them to get intense aroma and use low wattage for smoking. You need to determine which side of this scale you are on. Then you need to choose a battery proportional to power and capacity.

Power on Mod Battery
Constant or variable voltage value in batteries has an effective role on the heating temperature of the device. The voltage values of batteries with constant voltage value are 3.7V. Batteries with variable voltage are between 3.3V and 5.0V, although this is not exact. When your mod's battery has a higher voltage value, this means the coil can be heated more. While batteries with constant voltage values are sufficient for cigarette smoking, you can choose batteries with variable voltage values for hookah smoking or lung puffing mode.

Capacity in Mod Battery
As we are accustomed to from phones and many other electronic devices, the batteries of electronic cigarette modes are expressed in mAh. Battery values of electronic cigarettes are between 1000 mAh and 5000 mAh. A higher mAh value of the battery means that your charge will last longer and you can vape for a longer time, but a higher mAh capacity of the battery means that the battery will be larger.

04 Jul How to Find Out How Many Hours the Mod Battery Will Last?
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Details such as the electronic cigarette you will use and the atomizer type of the electronic cigarette make it almost impossible to determine exactly how many hours a battery will last. The way you use your electronic cigarette, your puffing frequency and other factors are also important factors that affect the efficiency you will get from your mod battery. If your device has a software battery indicator, you can estimate how much battery the device has left, even if you cannot predict how long your battery will last.

04 Jul How to Charge the Mod Battery?
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There are two different methods of charging your mod's battery. The first is to charge it using the USB connection on the mod. You can charge your mod via computer via USB connection. If you do not want to charge your battery on the mod, you can charge it in the same way, regardless of the computer or outlet, with the help of an external battery charger after removing your batteries from your mod.

ATTENTION: For all e-cigarette modes that work with an external battery, the recommendation of both the device manufacturer, the battery manufacturer and us is to use an external battery charger. We recommend you to read our detailed article on this subject in our blog section: Why Should We Use a Battery Charger with E-Cigarettes?

04 Jul What is the Lifespan of Mod Batteries?
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The lifespan of batteries using Lithium-Ion technology is between 300 and 500 full charges. You do not have to fully discharge and fully charge your batteries and batteries, as in the old and black order technologies. It is not possible for a full charge or charging it many times before it runs out to affect the health of the mod battery.

ATTENTION: The recommendation of high amperage battery manufacturers such as Sony, 18650, 26650 etc. is to charge the batteries with an external charger. Charging your batteries with an external battery charger will extend your battery life and provide economical and safe use.

04 Jul Mod Doesn't Work Even Though Its Battery Is Full?
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Taking too many consecutive shots from your mode will cause the battery of the mode to protect itself. You can also see the same effect if you press and hold the fire button for a long time. When you try again after waiting for a while, you will see that your mode and battery are working. In such cases, if you are using a device powered by an external battery, remove and reinsert your batteries, and if you are using an internal battery, turn the device off and on again.

04 Jul How to Maintain the Mod Battery?
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You do not need to take care of your battery carefully, but there are still some tips to pay attention to when using the battery. Use your battery with your electronic cigarette and keep it powered on. Batteries that sit aside and are not used tend to complete their life cycle. Clean the pins of the battery regularly with a dry cloth. Do not drop your batteries and do not store them in areas with very high or low ambient temperature.

One of the most threatening factors for a mod battery is e-liquid leakage from the liquid tank. Generally, liquid contact prevents rechargeable batteries from working. Rechargeable batteries corrode and become unusable over a long period of time. Therefore, be careful to keep the electronic cigarette models you use in an upright position as much as possible. You should also be extremely careful when filling liquid and changing coils.

04 Jul Can the Mod Battery be Recharged from the Body?
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Mod batteries used in electronic cigarette models usually have micro USB charging ports. So, if you are using a mobile phone with an Android Operating System, you can easily charge your mod body with a computer or power bank. However, be careful to only do this when necessary.

Because these charging ports on mod batteries can be damaged and become inoperable during long-term use. Therefore, be careful to use the 18650 rechargeable battery models used in mod batteries with a rechargeable battery charger and be careful not to charge these devices through their bodies unless necessary. Chargers with names such as rechargeable battery charger, 18650 charger can easily charge the rechargeable battery in a short time, 1 to 8 hours.

04 Jul Mod Body - Difference Between Atomizer and E-Cigarette Kit
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Electronic cigarettes are subject to legal restrictions in our country. This causes electronic cigarettes to be sold mostly through channels such as social media and the internet. When you examine these sites and pages, you will often come across the terms "electronic cigarette kit" and "mod body". So what do these mean?

Generally, electronic cigarette kits provide you with all the elements except e-liquid and rechargeable battery (18650 battery). In other words, when you buy an e-cigarette kit, it is ready for use when you receive a liquid and a rechargeable battery. However, you do not usually come across such a comprehensive kit in mod bodies and atomizers. Usually, all you get is a battery or atomizer. If you are someone who is new to using e-cigarettes, it will be extremely costly for you to buy the mod body and the atomizer separately. That's why new users are generally advised to buy a mod kit or electronic cigarette kit. However, when you buy these kits, be sure to remember that rechargeable batteries and liquids are not included in the package.

Finally, keep in mind that some electronic cigarettes are included in the "vape - pen" class and that these electronic cigarettes do not need a rechargeable battery because they have an integrated battery. To ensure long-term use with your mod body, take precautions against liquid leakage and use a silicone case to protect your mod bodies against minor accidents. One of the biggest enemies of mod bodies is fake 18650 rechargeable batteries.

Electronic cigarettes have many electrical circuits. If you are going to wipe your devices, use alcohol and avoid using water. Again, keeping your devices away from water and liquid contact is one of the things you should not forget for a more efficient and long-lasting e-cigarette use.

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