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"What is an atomizer, what are its parts, which atomizer should I choose, what are the differences, how is its performance?" You can find the answers to your questions, etc. in this section....

04 Jul What is an E Cigarette Atomizer?
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The atomizer is the most important part where evaporation occurs in an electronic cigarette. The energy taken from the battery or battery is sent to the atomizer with the help of the connection pin. The atomizer also helps evaporate the liquid in the cotton by heating the wire inside the coil. The atomizer also includes the chamber section that stores the liquid, which we call the tank. In short, the coil part is responsible for turning the liquid content into vapor. This part generally consists of a special spring-shaped wire and a special cotton inside, also soaked with e-liquid.

04 Jul What are Atomizer Parts?
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Connection pin: This is the connection pin used for the atomizer to receive energy from the mod. It is located at the bottom of the atomizer and serves to transfer energy between the mod and the atomizer. Today, 510 connection pins are used in many e-cigarettes, although the brand and model may vary.

Base: This is the section where you install your coil core or headers such as RBA or RTA. This section is also the section where the air ducts on your atomizer (if any) are located. Base is the part at the bottom of the atomizer after the connection pin. The air channels at the base increase the vapor density by mixing air into the vapor during vaping from your e-cigarette.

Coil: This is the section containing cotton or silica wrapped in wire with a certain resistance value. The coil is one of the most important parts in terms of evaporation. It is the only part inside the atomizer that needs to be replaced regularly. Depending on your frequency of use, you should generally replace your atomizer every 1 or 2 weeks.

Air pipe: It is the pipe that transfers the vapor created in the electronic cigarette with the help of the mouthpiece. It is usually integrated with the chamber part of the atomizer.

Tank (liquid chamber): It is the liquid compartment on which the air pipe is usually located. Liquid is placed in this section to keep the cotton inside the coil constantly moist. The tank should always be filled to capacity. Overfilling may cause overflow and liquid coming into the mouth. In electronic cigarettes, the tank part is generally made of a special glass material called pyrex and is transparent. Their transparency allows you to understand how much liquid is left in the tank.

Drip Tip (mouthpiece) : It is the mouthpiece located at the top of the atomizer. While some atomizers have a fixed drip tip, some are replaceable. To ensure sterile use, this part should be cleaned once a week depending on your frequency of use.

04 Jul How Does Atomizer Work?
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Thanks to the connection pin that comes into contact with the mod, the atomizer transmits the force it receives to the wires in the coil. The wires allow the liquid on the cotton or silica surrounding it to evaporate. The steam created (if any) is transferred to the mouthpiece section, together with the air taken from the air hole in the base, with the help of the air pipe.

04 Jul How to Choose Atomizer?
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There are many factors that will affect your choice of atomizer. The organ that performs the most important evaporation function in an electronic cigarette is the atomizer and its dynamic structure. The more liquid there is in the core structure inside the atomizer, which we call the coil, the higher the evaporation rate will be. Atomizers are designed based on the expectations of smokers. As a result of these expectations, different atomizer structures such as RBA, RDA, RTA and RDTA have emerged over the years. Each atomizer meets different needs due to its structure and is used for different types of smoking.

While atomizers sold under the names RBA and RDA are frequently used for cigarette smoking, RDA, RTA and RDTA atomizers are preferred for dripping lung inhalation. As a beginner user, you do not need to drown in these concepts for now. RBA is ideal for beginner users. Because in other atomizer architectures, coil winding and cottoning will require some skill and experience.

04 Jul What is Ohm? Which Ohm Should I Prefer?
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Ohm is the resistance value of the wire inside the coil. There is an inverse proportion in ohm values. Wires with high ohm values are thin, and wires with low ohm values are thick. If you use your device as a cigarette smoker and want a tighter smoke, you can choose coils from 1 ohm to 2 ohm. If you smoke hookah style and need more vapor, then you can choose coils with an ohm value of 0.XX below 1 ohm. Coils below 1 ohm are also called sub-ohm.

You will need less power to heat thin wires and higher power for thick wires. Wires with low ohm value are thicker and require high Wattage. Since they evaporate more liquid, their liquid consumption is high and the amount of vapor is high. At high ohm values, this is the opposite. Steam is low, the Watts and liquid consumption you need are low.

04 Jul What is the Sweet Spot?
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There is what vaporizers call the sweet spot, where you get the best flavor from a liquid. The sweet spot varies from person to person. Everyone can achieve their own sweet spot at different ohms and different Watt values for different liquids. The sweet spot is not fixed. Every liquid has a different sweet spot. The range where you taste best is your sweet spot.

04 Jul How Long Is Coil Life?
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We can talk about some factors that determine the life of the coil, these are;

* Your Usage Frequency
* The Liquid You Use (Liquids with Intense Flavor Shorten Coil Life)
* Watts you use (Usage above the maximum oHm value shortens coil life)
* Your breathing intervals (Successive shots will cause your coil to burn)
* Your breathing lengths
* Ohm value of your wire

Depending on these factors, the life of the coil may vary. You can use some of your coils for 7 days, while others can be used for 2 weeks. If you are rolling your own coils, you can change the coils once a week or every three days, depending on your frequency of use.

04 Jul When to Change Coil?
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Coils constantly absorb and evaporate our liquid. When we change liquid frequently and use our coils for a long time, liquid residues form on the cotton and wires inside the coil. For this reason, it is recommended to use a coil for a maximum of 3 weeks. Coil may sometimes lose its life sooner than expected. If your ignition is too late or you get a bitter burning taste, this means that the life of the coil is over.

Avoid firing your mod while the coil is dry. When you fire the coil while it is dry, the cotton will burn and you will start to get a constant burnt taste. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to save a burned coil.

04 Jul How to Prevent Atomizer from Leaking Liquid?
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First of all, let's not forget that it is quite normal for atomizers to leak liquid, but if this constantly happens during use, there may be a problem with your coil or there may be damage to your device. It is already possible for it to leak if it is left lying on its side for a long time when not in use. So why is it normal for it to leak? Because when you open the inside of your atomizer and look carefully, you will see that the only thing that prevents the liquid from leaking down the air duct is the coil and the seals around the coil. If there is excessive liquid leakage, it is highly likely that there is a malfunction in your coil or an opening in your seals.

* Make sure that you fill your tank with enough liquid and do not fill more liquid than the capacity of the tank.

* Make sure that the liquid in the reservoir does not fall below one-third of the full capacity. When your liquid drops to a third level, add new liquid.

* If you do not use your atomizer for a long time (for example, for 24 hours), you may experience leakage problems because the cotton absorbs more liquid than necessary. To overcome this problem, take a napkin and gently cover the air ducts with the napkin. Hold the device upside down and blow in the opposite direction to how you puff from the electronic cigarette. Excess liquids will be discharged from the air duct.

* If you are using an RBA atomizer, that is, an atomizer whose wire and cotton you have wrapped yourself and made your own coil, and you are experiencing excessive liquid leakage, you have most likely either added too much cotton or too little.

04 Jul Ready Coil? Wounded Coil?
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Using an electronic cigarette with a wrapped coil is very advantageous in some respects. One of the biggest advantages of this type of use is that it offers you intense aroma and high steam capacity. However, it is generally recommended for e-cigarette users to make their own coil windings after mastering electronic cigarettes. In other words, it is generally not recommended for those who have just started using electronic cigarettes to use electronic cigarettes with coil winding.

You must use special cotton and wire for coil winding. If you do the winding incorrectly or improperly, your device may be damaged. In addition, to wind coils, you must master electronic cigarettes and be aware that this process takes a long time. That's why users are advised to use wrapped coils after a certain period of time after they start using electronic cigarettes.

04 Jul When Do You Know When You Need a Coil Replacement?
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In electronic cigarettes, the coil should generally be replaced every 1 - 2 weeks, depending on your frequency of use. So how do you know when the coil you use in your electronic cigarette needs to be changed? In electronic cigarettes, the coil heats up as you use it and eventually burns out. At this point, when you inhale vapor from your e-cigarette, you will get a burning smell and a bad burnt taste. In addition, the vapor from your e-cigarette greatly irritates your nasal passages. At this point you need to replace the coil. After changing the coil, you need to wet the cotton between the coil wires with e-liquid. If you don't do this, you may face the same situation when you shoot.

04 Jul Does Atomizer or Coil Affect Drinking Quality?
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Especially using burnt or old coils will negatively affect your drinking quality and the taste you will get from the e-liquid content you use. You can already feel this when using your own electronic cigarette. However, there are other things you can do to increase coil and vapor density and quality. Nowadays, different e-cigarette mod bodies can be used with different atomizers. Mod electronic cigarette models, especially those that can be used with high wattage, can be used with atomizer tanks. This greatly increases the vapor rate and vapor quality you get from your electronic cigarette.

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