Pod Mod E-Cigarette

Brand: Justfog Elektronik Sigara Model: 0710
Justfog Minifit Pod If you want it to be small, suitable for MTL, and at the same time economical, then you are looking at the right product right now. Justfog Minifit Pod electronic cigarette is an e-cigarette model with a cartridge (pod) system. Unlike many other pod electronic cigarette models, t..
Brand: VooPoo Model: 1287
VOOPOO DRAG X 80W Pod Mod Kit Let's review the VOOPOO Drag X Pod Mod Kit, powered by one 15650 battery, Drag Working between wattages of 5-80W, the Drag X Pod Mod Kit can work with almost all PnP Coils that fall within the 0.1-3.0ohm resistance range. Offering an excellent airflow control system..
Brand: Aspire Elektronik Sigara Model: 1761
Aspire OBY Pod 500mAh Aspire OBY is a stylish MTL Pod System with exceptional value. Powered by a built-in 500mAh rechargeable battery, this tiny device provides consistent 3.7V output power. It charges quickly via the Type-C port and is made of durable zinc alloy. OBY Pods have 2ML juice capacity a..
Brand: GeekVape Elektronik Sigara Model: 1815
GeekVape Sonder U Pod Kit You can click on this link for POD Cartridges compatible with the device: GeekVape Sonder U Pod Cartridge ATTENTION! After filling the cartridges with liquid, wait at least 20 minutes for the ceramic/cotton materials inside the cartridge to fully absorb the liquid. Do not t..
Brand: Justfog Elektronik Sigara Model: 1299
Justfog Minifit Max Pod Kit You can click on this link for the cartridge compatible with the device: Minifit Pod Replacement Cartridge Justfog Minifit Max Pod Kit Technical Specifications: MINIFIT Pod Size: 21 x 15 x 28mm Liquid Capacity: 1.5ml Coil Resistance: 1.6ohm Coil MINIFIT Battery Size: 16.0..
Brand: Smok Elektronik Sigara Model: 1479
SMOK IPX 80W 3000mAh Pod Mod Kit The Smok IPX 80 may be small in size, but it is a powerful electronic cigarette and also electronic hookah device. This stylish pod system is powered by a built-in 3000mah battery with a maximum output of 80 watts. It has IP67 protection technology, which means it ca..
Brand: Smok Elektronik Sigara Model: 1718
Smok NFIX Pro 25W Pod Kit NFIX Pro Pod System, which integrates a 700 mAh internal battery into the case, will be your indispensable pod mod device that you can use all day with its refillable 2 mL cartridge capacity. SMOK Nfix Pro Kit offers an excellent option for electronic cigarette users. This ..
Brand: Smok Elektronik Sigara Model: 1452
Smok Nord 4 Let's get to know Smok Nord 4, the 4th generation device of the SMOK brand's much-loved Nord series. Smok Nord 4 is a product that is one step ahead of its competitors in terms of price and performance, so how? The main features of Smok Nord 4 are that it is a device that has a 2..
Brand: Smok Elektronik Sigara Model: 1490
Smok Novo 4 Pod Kit 800mAh SMOK Novo 4 delivers up to 25W of power, ensuring a satisfying vaping experience every time. This device features an adjustable airflow system that allows users to customize their vaping experience. Equipped with a Type-C USB charging port, Novo 4 allows you to charge your..
Brand: Smok Elektronik Sigara Model: 1913
Smok Novo 5 30W Pod Kit NOVO 5 Kit is an electronic cigarette with wattage between 5W-30W and works with a built-in 900mAh battery with Type-C charging. It has fire button/Breath sensor activation modes, you can shoot from the cartridge or press the button to start. Designed with an air duct ring, y..
Brand: Smok Elektronik Sigara Model: 1925
SMOK Propod GT 22W Pod Kit SMOK Propod GT Kit has a 700mAh built-in battery, maximum 22W output and is compatible with 2ml Novo, Novo 2 and Novo 2X cartridges. The propod kit, which provides shooting with an automatic breath sensor, is made of zinc alloy and is user-friendly. The airflow switch work..
Brand: Smok Elektronik Sigara Model: 1806
Smok Solus 2 17W Pod Kit The SMOK Solus 2 Pod System is a vaping device that can hold up to 2.5mL of liquid in a refillable pod, equipped with a 700mAh battery capacity and powered by a breath sensor-activated firing mechanism. Constructed from durable zinc alloy, the Solus 2 Pod System offers a sli..
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Classic - traditional e-cigarette models are one of the easiest and most comfortable ways to quit smoking today. However, many e-cigarettes used in the world and in our country can be quite troublesome, especially for those who are new to using electronic cigarettes . Fortunately, there are now electronic cigarettes that are more practical to use, do not require you to use rechargeable batteries, and are lighter. These devices, called pod e-cigarettes, are both smaller and more practical. PodMod e-cigarette models, which can reach a maximum temperature of 15 - 20 Watts, can be charged thanks to the micro USB charging port on their bodies. PodMod e-cigarette models use cartridges, and since these cartridges are called "Pods", these device types are called "PodMod".

What are the Features of PodMod E-Cigarette?

PodMod e-cigarette models do not use 18650 rechargeable batteries, especially like mod e-cigarette models. Instead, they get their power from the fixed battery integrated into the body, and these batteries are charged via their own “dock” units or micro USB connection. PodMod e-cigarette models, which do not have their own liquid tank, coil or atomizer, are small, lightweight e-cigarette models that can reach a maximum of 15 - 20 watts.

The most important feature that distinguishes PodMod e-cigarettes from traditional e-cigarettes is that they do not use coils. In fact, in these devices, the liquid tank, coil and atomizer are collected in a cartridge in PodMod devices.

What are the PodMod E-Cigarette Types?

PodMod e-cigarette models are divided into two classes: models with refillable tanks and models that consume e-liquid cartridges. These devices, which are generally the size of an ordinary lighter or USB memory stick, generally use a cartridge instead of a coil - atomizer - tank.

Although some of the PodMod e-cigarette models, which define a very wide area as a product category, have refillable liquid tanks, the liquid capacity of these devices is extremely low and they are somewhere between PodMod and traditional models because they use a coil structure. In summary, it is difficult to define PodMod e-cigarette model types that are separated from each other by sharp boundaries.

Which Companies Produce PodMod E-Cigarettes? What are the advantages?

There are PodMod e-cigarette models produced by many e-cigarette manufacturers such as Juul, SMOK, Vaporesso, Justfog, which you can also obtain from our website, electronicbuhar1.net.

PodMod e-cigarette models are seen as the next stage of the electronic cigarette world. PodMod e-cigarettes, which are lighter, practical and simple to use devices, continue to be produced by many e-cigarette manufacturers. Below, you can briefly learn the features of PodMod e-cigarette models, the originals of which you can find on our website. PodMod e-cigarette models are preferred because they do not have disadvantages such as rechargeable batteries, liquid leakage, wattage adjustment, bulky and heavy mod body.

SMOK Rolo Badge : Considered by users as a practical and easy-to-carry e-cigarette model with its unique flat shape, SMOK Rolo Badge can be operated between 10 and 16 watts. PodMod e-cigarette, which produces steam thanks to its 250 mAh fixed battery, is produced by SMOK, a company well known to electronic cigarette users.

Vaporesso Zero : Produced by a company well known to e-cigarette users, Vaporesso Renova is a small and useful PodMod e-cigarette model with a 650 mAh fixed battery and a special bottle and refillable cartridge tank. Vaporesso Renova, which can be operated between 9 - 12.5 Watts with its fixed battery, has an e-liquid tank capacity of 2 ML.

JustFog Minifit / JustFog C601 : JustFog PodMod e-cigarette models are preferred by most e-cigarette users today because they are much smaller in size than many PodMod e-cigarettes we have in stock.

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