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Brand: Justfog Elektronik Sigara Model: 0710
Justfog Minifit Pod If you want it to be small, suitable for MTL, and at the same time economical, then you are looking at the right product right now. Justfog Minifit Pod electronic cigarette is an e-cigarette model with a cartridge (pod) system. Unlike many other pod electronic cigarette models, t..
Brand: Justfog Elektronik Sigara Model: 1034
Justfog Q16 Pro Kit It is the improved version of the Justfog Q16 Model. The most prominent change in the device, which uses the same coils as the Q16 model, is that the liquid filling in the atomizer section can be done from the top cover. In the mode part, there is no difference in terms of power ..
Brand: VooPoo Model: 1287
VOOPOO DRAG X 80W Pod Mod Kit Let's review the VOOPOO Drag X Pod Mod Kit, powered by one 15650 battery, Drag Working between wattages of 5-80W, the Drag X Pod Mod Kit can work with almost all PnP Coils that fall within the 0.1-3.0ohm resistance range. Offering an excellent airflow control system..
Brand: Flawoor Model: 1908
5 Pieces Flawoor Mate 600 Disposable Puff Campaign ATTENTION! Flawoor Mate 600 Puff Disposable Kit products are disposable model e-cigarette products that do not have liquid filling, have a breath sensor and contain various flavors. Each puff means one short breath. The product has a nicotine value ..
Brand: Aspire Elektronik Sigara Model: 1761
Aspire OBY Pod 500mAh Aspire OBY is a stylish MTL Pod System with exceptional value. Powered by a built-in 500mAh rechargeable battery, this tiny device provides consistent 3.7V output power. It charges quickly via the Type-C port and is made of durable zinc alloy. OBY Pods have 2ML juice capacity a..
Brand: GeekVape Elektronik Sigara Model: 1815
GeekVape Sonder U Pod Kit You can click on this link for POD Cartridges compatible with the device: GeekVape Sonder U Pod Cartridge ATTENTION! After filling the cartridges with liquid, wait at least 20 minutes for the ceramic/cotton materials inside the cartridge to fully absorb the liquid. Do not t..
Brand: Justfog Elektronik Sigara Model: 1299
Justfog Minifit Max Pod Kit You can click on this link for the cartridge compatible with the device: Minifit Pod Replacement Cartridge Justfog Minifit Max Pod Kit Technical Specifications: MINIFIT Pod Size: 21 x 15 x 28mm Liquid Capacity: 1.5ml Coil Resistance: 1.6ohm Coil MINIFIT Battery Size: 16.0..
Brand: Smok Elektronik Sigara Model: 1804
Smok G-PRİV 4 230W Kit You can click on this link for the coil compatible with the device: Smok TFV18 Mini Coil SMOK G-Priv 4 230W Starter Kit, with its IQ-M Chipset and 5-230W output range, is the perfect choice for those looking for performance and innovation in the world of electronic cigarettes ..
Brand: Smok Elektronik Sigara Model: 1479
SMOK IPX 80W 3000mAh Pod Mod Kit The Smok IPX 80 may be small in size, but it is a powerful electronic cigarette and also electronic hookah device. This stylish pod system is powered by a built-in 3000mah battery with a maximum output of 80 watts. It has IP67 protection technology, which means it ca..
Brand: Smok Elektronik Sigara Model: 1718
Smok NFIX Pro 25W Pod Kit NFIX Pro Pod System, which integrates a 700 mAh internal battery into the case, will be your indispensable pod mod device that you can use all day with its refillable 2 mL cartridge capacity. SMOK Nfix Pro Kit offers an excellent option for electronic cigarette users. This ..
Brand: Smok Elektronik Sigara Model: 1452
Smok Nord 4 Let's get to know Smok Nord 4, the 4th generation device of the SMOK brand's much-loved Nord series. Smok Nord 4 is a product that is one step ahead of its competitors in terms of price and performance, so how? The main features of Smok Nord 4 are that it is a device that has a 2..
Brand: Smok Elektronik Sigara Model: 1490
Smok Novo 4 Pod Kit 800mAh SMOK Novo 4 delivers up to 25W of power, ensuring a satisfying vaping experience every time. This device features an adjustable airflow system that allows users to customize their vaping experience. Equipped with a Type-C USB charging port, Novo 4 allows you to charge your..
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E Cigarette Brands Models

It is produced for users of electronic cigarettes, cigarettes and other tobacco products. In short, these devices meet your nicotine needs by providing you with flavored and nicotine-containing vapor. If you want to quit smoking, you can choose our products in this category. Elektronikbuhar.com is here to serve you. You can choose e-cigarette models from well-known and quality-proven brands such as SMOK , Vaporesso , Aspire , VOOPOO and Halo from the "electronic cigarette" category of Elektronikbuhar.com. On the category page, you can also find products such as silicone cases used to protect your electronic cigarette bodies.

Electronic Cigarette Prices

E cigarette prices can be sold at many different prices depending on their features. The products that we can call the cheapest electronic cigarettes are disposable electronic cigarette devices. E-cigarette devices with average prices are pod e-cigarette models. We can say that the highest level electronic hookah devices have the most expensive electronic cigarette models.

Which Liquid Should I Use?

Since there are many electronic cigarette devices and many liquids, users may be confused about the liquid. Although we specify in the descriptions which device models can be used with all liquid types, our customers may still remain hesitant. This question can be answered simply as follows: Nicotine levels of 18mg and above cannot be used in devices that provide instantaneous power over 15Watt, do not use them! You should use liquids with a maximum of 6mg nicotine in devices that can exceed 40Watt and 220Watt power, which are called Sub OHM hookah smoking or electronic hookah.

Electronic Cigarette Kits and E-Cigarette Bodies

As with other electronic cigarette suppliers, you may encounter terms such as "kit" and "mod body" among the products in this category of our site. Let us explain the terms to you so that you do not get confused. As you can see in the electronic cigarette category of our site, products with the expression "kit" are a complete e-cigarette set. These products, which usually arrive in a box, include additional parts that make them easier to use, such as an atomizer, charging cable, spare coil and spare parts.

The products sold as mod body on our site are used only to describe the body part that provides the energy in an e-cigarette. These parts have a fixed mAh value and can also work with rechargeable batteries. When you order an e-cigarette kit, you get a complete set. However, when you choose a mod body, you usually get a mod or mod-box body that only stores energy. In this way, you have the opportunity to use different atomizer and atomizer tank models with different mod or mod - box electronic cigarette bodies.

Before choosing your electronic cigarette, read the features on the product page. You can easily find out whether the product is in stock or not from the product pages. In addition, Elektronikbuhar.com can also supply you with newly released devices by pre-order. Regardless of the shipping companies' own delay reasons, the products you order from our website will reach you within 2 - 3 days.

Why Should You Use a Case for Your Electronic Cigarette Bodies?

For your electronic cigarette bodies, you can choose any of the colorful cases made of silicone from the category page of our website. These cases, produced for the bodies of different electronic cigarette models, are produced for two purposes. First of all, if you want to add elegance and style to your e-cigarette body, you can use these silicone cases. Choose any of the colorful silicone case models and color the e-cigarette bodies. Since silicone cases are specially produced for different models, they leave the screen part exposed and are easy to use. Silicone cases specially produced for e-cigarette bodies also provide safe use by protecting e-cigarette bodies from bumps, impacts and water.

Electronic Cigarette Cheap

Since there are many electronic cigarette models, their prices vary depending on their features. Although these price differences are determined by their features, they are also related to the material used. Cheap electronic cigarette products have fewer features and the materials used are much more affordable. It does not cause any problems in terms of use, but its lifespan is shorter in the long run.

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